Introduction Traffic Racer Russian Village for iOS

Traffic Racer Russian Village is also one of the best game to play on your iOS device. It creates interest among the game fans. In it, the race takes place in a location that also requires exploring cities and villages. All the players are driven to different locations; they have the skills to control the game on their iOS devices as they wish. As you play the game, you master the game. Playing games on this device is also very unique for game lovers.

Introduction cars Traffic Racer Russian Village for iOS

You can earn coins by making a maximum score and then using these coins to modify or design your car. It includes more than 40 imported models of vehicles. You can choose any one of the 40 different unique vehicles. This game is played freely on open roads. So that you don’t face any problems during the game, on an iOS device, you can participate in time trials. Undoubtedly you can change the time and weather as you want and you can enjoy playing the game.

Traffic Racer Russian Village Mod APK car

Rules About the Game

To play this game, we need to know its rules first, and by following these rules, we can easily play and win the game. You need to follow some rules to play and win the game. Each game has different rules, which are very important in the game. You must follow some rules to play the game, even on your iPhone.

Rules About the Game

All players belong to the traffic racer and community. You can change anything you want in the game, but no other player should face any difficulty during this. Accounts cannot be bought, sold, or given away in the Traffic Racer Russian Village Game.

Game Feature

  • Different Control Methods
  • 40+ Cars
  • Possibility of Customization
  • Detail locations
  • Switching the camera view
Game Feature of cars models

New Update

  • Bug fixes and improvements.
  • fixed many bugs

How to Download on iOS Device

  • This game is also developed by( Makhsudjon Imomaliev ) for iPad and iPhone.
  • You can also download this game just like you used to do on your iPhone and iPad
  • You can install and download the game from any of your accounts on the Apple Store.
  • Then through the following links.

How to play on iOS

Traffic Racer Russian Village is an exciting game that keeps game fans interested. Many locations during the game complete the environment of cities and villages.

  • The player will drive in different skills of the game.
  • The game also has to take care of changing seasons.
  • Your iOS device will encounter various challenges on this device, which you must complete while playing the game skillfully.
  • Like Android, in iOS, users will collect many coins to upgrade their cars.
  • You can enjoy playing games on iOS as well as on your Android mobile phones.

Pro Tips

  • Download Mobile 
  • No loss of Money 
  • Unlock VPN
  • Free for download


By playing your game as well as possible and facing different types of challenges, during the game, you can get more coins and upgrade your car. Also, we make the game better and collect coins by taking it to spit mode.

Racing cars and visuals usually impress pedestrians. The racing game is also illustrated in 3 formats. Download traffic racer audio to play the game at challenging and fun places easily.

Yes, because this game is exciting and my favourite game. Players who play it all enjoy the game. Another, the different graphics of the game are interesting for the players.


Finally, after getting all the information about the game, we know a lot about this game. By playing this game, we can get more information about it. Challengers have to face. By completing them, we can beat other players and get more coins. With these coins, we can also change cars according to our wishes. Use it and play the game and have fun with all the focus on your game.

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