Introduction Real Moto Rider Traffic Race for iOS

Real Moto Rider: Traffic Race is an exciting game that is also available on this iOS device. Dream Play Inc develops this game. In this game, players choose different types of bikes and can change them according to their choice. Traffic provides an exciting and good experience for the fans of racing games. This iOS game will entertain you for hours on it.

Introduction Real Moto Rider Traffic Race for iOS

Undoubtedly, It’s a fast-paced racing game you can play on your iOS device. The developed Work on its great graphics, making the game interesting for the players. You face different challenges while speeding up the traffic and removing obstacles. This is the best game for those interested in traffic racing who master the skills to maintain their game while completing all tasks.

Game playing Real Moto Rider

Key Features

  • Various viewpoints and controls
  • Realistic speed and motor sound
  • Over 150 challenges
  • 11 types of unique motor bikes
  • Customize each bike with cool colors
  • Real-time world record competition through the Leaderboards

New Update

  • Initial version
  • Added the 10 new bike
  • Bug fixes and improvement
  • Minor bug fix

How to install Real Moto Rider

  • Firstly, you launch the game on your Apple Store.
  • Then, Install the game on your iOS device. Enter Real Moto Rider by typing in the search bar.
  • So, the game will start installing automatically.
  • Afterward, click on the icon to play and start the game.
  • The game is entirely free to download. But you’ve to collect coins to buy new bikes and tracks.
  • For the game, you also need to ensure that your device has enough storage space to download it, as these files are 341.5MB.

How to Play Real Moto Rider

  • To play the game, first of all, you download this game from the Apple Store.
  • Then install it on your iOS (iPad, iPhone) device.
  • Then launch the game on the home screen of your mobile.
  • You can choose any of the existing bikes. Choose and change it according to your wish.
  • Start the game and use the control buttons on the screen of the game and use the control buttons on the screen to drive the bike.
  • You can track left and right to change your direction. During the game, there are different modes.
  • Undoubtedly, you complete many challenges in these modes to advance in the game. You have to collect coins to get more points.
  • There are many other vehicles on the road which you should avoid hitting. 
  • Tap the screen to speed up or slow down and start your game. 
  • This way, you can enjoy playing games on your IOS device.
How to Play Real Moto Rider


Every game is different from other games. Some games are free to download. At the same time, some require payment to download.

You first received a notification in the Apple Store to update the game. You can open the app and tap on your profile. Then you can update your game again. 

If you are facing any difficulty while playing the game, you can go to the Apple Store page of the game and get all the instructions. Or you can also contact the support team of the game.


Real Moto Rider Traffic Race is an exciting game on IOS. that brings hours of entertainment to the players. It has many more tracks which are included in the modes. Traffic fans will enjoy this game a lot.

In this, you have to click the control button on your screen to protect your bike from other vehicles, remove obstacles, collect coins, and at the same time improve your skills, for you can climb the game. It also has many different challenges by completing which you can get many rewards. Further, increase your score. You can get success.

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