Introduction of Traffic Racer Pro for iOS

Are you excited to seek the fantastic game of the world? So, you’ll be happy to know that the “Traffic Racer Pro for iOS” is very popular worldwide. Also, this game is similar to “Traffic Racer for iOS”. This game consists of a lot of features, such as the highest quality of 3D graphics, more than 35 high-performing cars, Setup-5 gaming environments, and much more.

Introduction cars Traffic Racer Pro for iOS

About 1 00 000 people contain this game on their iPhones, iPad, and MacBook’s. Don’t be troubled; you can join these people if you download the game quickly. Suppose you don’t feel better because you don’t know about driving. So, it’s not a huge issue. Recently, we advised you to read its rules for playing because it’s not so arduous that you create a huge problem.


Additionally, this game is superior and more brilliant than other racing games. Because in this game, you have to beat many targets through the leaderboard. Also, you can even judge your driving skills in heavy traffic on a crowded highway. Your 1st duty is to touch the finishing line first compared to the other players.

Playing Traffic Racer Pro for iOS

Do you want to know when you designed this game for the 1st time? The design of the game was made in 1867 at 1st time. Furthermore, this game is superior for all kinds of children. Besides, everybody agrees with you that driving is so dangerous. But it’s not out of your range. When you keep all the critical points in your mind, that isn’t very arduous.

Gameplay of Traffic Racer Pro

Traffic Racer Pro has straightforward gameplay that will allow users to play the game without any fault. Besides, the game’s control system is very flexible, forcing the users to play the game frequently. Do you want to make your vehicle drive like a wonderful airplane? So, therefore learn all the guidelines related to handling the vehicle thoroughly.

Gameplay view

Fundamentally, tilt or touch the vehicle steer to drive. Also, make your vehicle fast-touch the gas button and push the brake button to slow down the car. When you keep these in your mind, you can gain everything in the world, even if you don’t drive or don’t know. You’ll feel like a professional driver when you learn its controls instruction. 

Gameplay view sky car

Key Features

  • The highest quality 3D graphics
  •  More than 35 high-performing cars
  • Setup- 5 gaming environments (such as; suburbs, snow, rain, desert, and nightlife of a city)
  • 5 exciting game modes (such as; Time Trial, Free Ride, Police Chase, Two-Way, and Endless)
  • Excellent crafted vehicles (such as; SUVs, rich trucks, and buses)
  • Customization of Cars 

Pro Tips

  • Hence, when you drive your bike at full speed, the best score you gain.
  • Then, to achieve bonus scores and cash, operate over 100 Kmh overtake other cars.
  • Moving the car in the opposite direction in 2-way traffic gives extra score and money.

How to Install 

Let’s begin to learn the method of downloading the game.

  • 1st, go to the download button that demonstrates on the screen.
  • 2nd, read all the guidelines that are provided to you carefully.
  • 3rd, download the installation and visit thetrafficapk website.
  • 4th, press on the search box and write the game name.  
  • 5th, select the game that looks very interesting.
  • 6th then, press the install button and go to the Apple store.
  • 7th, take some relaxation until the process of installation is.
  • 8th, when it’s done, open the game for play and gain much fun.

What’s New 

  • Online scoreboard
  • Bugs Fixed
  • Performance updates
  • A couple of added Easter eggs


More than 35 high-performing cars with unique features are included in this game. Also, you can pick up any car you like the most and fulfill your dreams.

Keep in mind you can play this game without any cost. It’s completely free to play. Although if you want to play in a locked car with a lot of features, you may spend some money or cash in this situation. 

Yes, there is already discussed multiplayer feature mod in the game. But on the other hand, you can overcome and beat other players in the game by climbing on the leaderboard.


Calm down. Now, we’ll reach the end portion of the discussion. Traffic Racer Pro is a unique and gorgeous game. Suppose you’ve got the talent to overtake other players. So, demonstrate your mastery of the world by playing this game. And search out the endless fun from the game because you deserve it.

Additionally, we’ve tried our best to tell you the fundamental secret related to the game. Now, we request that you try to play the game at least 1-time. After this, if you feel any issue related to the game. So, you can share it with us with the help of the comments below-furthermore, great thanks for reading.

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