Introduction Blocky Highway Traffic Racing for iOS

Do you want to know why this game gains huge appreciation from players? The game gains a lot of appreciation and popularity from the players due to its benefits, great opportunities, and requirements on the highway traffic. Also, when you touch the finishing lines first compared to your competitors, you can gain tremendous money and extra points. Besides, these different points help you in critical situations.

Introduction Blocky Highway Traffic Racing for iOS


The modern version introduced a very brilliant gameplay of the game. With the help of this fantastic gameplay of the game, this game has gained very popularity in the world. Besides, by playing this game, you can learn a lot about the easy and addictive “Blocky Highway” multiplayer gameplay. Remember that you can’t gain this opportunity through the old version of the game.

Gameplay Blocky Highway Traffic Racing

Benifessional Features

  • Huge challenges and Achievements
  • Respect Unique Languages
  • Gorgeous Camera Views
  • Superior automize sounds

Pro Tricks

  • To gain extra scores and coins, drive your vehicle the opposite way of the traffic.
  • Besides, operate over 100 KM H compared to other vehicles to achieve bonus scores.
  • Also, make yourself target killers after giving your best in the game.

What’s New

  • Best collection of “boats and ships.”
  • Also, the superior range of different vehicles
  • Add a new theme of the stream with the dynamic water surface
  • OvercoInclude gorgeous new stickersme obstacles

How to Install and Download

The method of downloading the game is straightforward because when you read our tricks for downloading a game carefully. Also, when you memories these tricks at your fingertips, you can easily download the game on your device. Let’s start to read the tricks:

  • At the start, visit this website.
  • Then, click on the search box and write the name of the game “Blocky Highway: Traffic Racing.”
  • Now, you demonstrate many kinds of fun on the screen.
  • Then, choose the best and most exciting game out of these kinds.
  • Now, click on the download button and go to the Apple Store.
  • Click the installation button and relax for a few minutes.
  • When the game fully downloads on your device, open the game and begin to play.

How to Play

The playing method of the game is so simple and easy. Only follow these guidelines, which demonstrate below.

  • 1stly, open the game after the downloaded process.
  • Then, when the game is opened after loading, select your favourite vehicle.
  • Now, choose the location to play.
  • Then, click again on the play button that demonstrates in the mid of the screen.
  • Start to play the game with full attention.


You can get the best scores when you drive your vehicles in 2-way traffic and complete all the given targets in minimum time. Besides, with the help of these best scores, you can also unlock the game’s premium features.

You’ll also agree with us when you play this game that the experience of driving on the highway at high speed is brilliant and gorgeous. Also, you can drive your vehicle peacefully on the road without any fighting.

The remarkable superior automized sounds of the game mean that the sound of the game is very melodious. Through this, the users come towards them with a considerable number. In short, the sound of the game is a real-life experience.


Now, your great mission is to reach the finishing line or play the game to the end of your goal. Also, to achieve your goal, you bear a lot of difficulties but keep your strength. Your strength has proved very helpful in fulfilling your aim. Besides, we’ve already told you all the critical points of the game.

Now, we hope you also understand the gameplay clearly. Afterward, if you don’t understand anything related to the game, you can tell us with the help of comments. We’ll try our best to be more educated on time. Besides, thanks a lot for reading.

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