Introduction of Traffic Rider Mod APK

Do you want to play an offline bike racing game on your Android device? Therefore, download this game on your APK devices where you can play with different types of sports bikes. Besides, in the modern “Traffic Rider Mod APK” are modified by Soner Kara, where you can enjoy 34 plus motorbikes with authentic motorbike sound recorded, environment day & night filters, 90 plus missions, and 19 different languages.

This game was easily downloaded by APK and delivered by a website with mod features.

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Story of Traffic Rider Mod APK

Undoubtedly, Traffic Rider is the most popular racing game, where you can ride a motorbike at full speed and complete our challenges in a given time on the road. Using this game, you can customize bikes, vehicles, and mods features. If you’re searching for the most popular racing game? Undeniably, you are landing on the right site where we provide our users with a 100% effective & practical APK.

If you are interested in car racing games? Then, you play the Traffic Racer Mod APK.

If you’re interested in motorbike racing games, play the Traffic Rider mod APK compulsory at least 1-time in your life. Contrarily, you see the most beautiful roads and graphics, which continuously attract the user’s attention while playing the game. Every person can easily play this game and enjoy watchful features and mods like bikes, vehicles, roads, etc. Afterward, android device users are constantly increasing. Fundamentally, mobile phones are now widely used worldwide, and game creators compose dollar profits from mobile game applications.

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Version of Traffic Rider Mod APK

Our team provided latest version of Traffic Rider Mod APK to our clients. In contrast, the users use all the unpaid features, like unlocking all motorbikes and roads with day and night filters and customizing bike engines, wheels, and other parts of bikes to get more speed to complete the missions. Specifically, it’s unique compared to other bike racing games, which is why it’s popular.

Game’s Features

  • The Gameplay is Straightforward
  • Driving
  • High-Speed Bonus
  • A Wide Range of Challenges
  • Career Mode
  • Endless Riding
  • Time Trial
  • Free Mode
  • Various Camera Views
  • Simple Control of Game
  • Visual and Sound Quality
  • Amazing HD Graphics
  • Various Motorbikes

The Gameplay is Straightforward

When you start playing this game, you’ll know what to do. On the road, you face many difficulties, but when you bravely meet all problems, you reach your target on time. Also, there’re 2 types of routes in this game for the players: 2-way and 1-way traffic. It provides you with entertainment and excitement. Also, you’ll earn money when bike cross on the other side of the road.


If you’re interested in bike riding? So, driving is the most fantastic part of the game. That’s why you would demonstrate 2-basic scales for controlling the bike in front of the screen. Besides, you’ll enjoy the game with the help of 2 essential scales. Owning the bike isn’t a piece of cake, especially for new players. But when you learn all the roles of playing the game, you can become a professional driver.

The traffic Mod apk image to accelerate

High-Speed Bonus

In this game, you’ll have agitation to the standard control, which could get you smoothly started without any difficulties. High-Speed bonus is the type of bonus that can be earned in the game when you cross bike speed 100 KM. It isn’t a piece of cake that your bikes overcome other cars because high-speed vehicles face many difficulties. Also, every mission achievement gets a separate bonus according to the time to complete the mission.

A Wide Range of Challenges

In this game, we can unlock more impactful bikes and missions. Therefore, you’ll face a wide range of challenges on the road. Also, we can add more quickly if you want to unlock further additional features and bikes. During playing, you face many challenges which give you added enjoyment to the game. Furthermore, you’ll need to improve your bike, brake, and vehicle when you try the time trial mode.

Career Mode

If you’re new to this game? So don’t worry, you can face many difficulties during gameplay in a career mode but after some level you can win every mission easily. Also, it’s the most valuable mode in this game because you’ll be given a specific time to complete the missions. There’re over 70 tasks in this game, including some of the most desirable bikes. If you want to improve your driving skills, you play this mode and learn more driving tricks and methods.

Endless Riding

Are you interested in luxury and sports bike rides in real life? If yes, try an endless ride in front of a highway or supercar with a Traffic Rider. If you crash your bike the 1st and 2nd time, you can continue your opening from the same place at the same spot where you lost it. On the other hand, if your motorbike crashes 3rd times in any accident, then at that time, understand that your game is over.

Time Trial

Do you want to know why this mod is so arduous to choose? In this modified app, you select a specific time to leave everyone behind and win your mission. That’s why it’s the most challenging mode in this game, where you choose a perfect time to beat the mission. You’ll have 4 different methods in the Traffic Rider, which you’ll enjoy during gameplay. Also, this feature is fully locked in the standard version, but you can use the incredible quality in the modified version.

Free Mode

With this feature, you can drive your bike on the road without any other bike or car and operate efficiently without disturbance. During this, you can even crash into the sides of the road. Be careful to crack into these sides of the road. Don’t worry, this mode tries to teach you how to control this game on the road.

Various Camera Views

You can view the gameplay on different cameras. There’re many realistic cameras accessible for users to drive in the game. Indeed, all the camera views are clean and attractive. Most of the games don’t provide a different camera view but the traffic rider provides various camera views right now

Simple Control of Game

This game has 2-control options, brake, and accelerator. During the gameplay, you can use the 2-control option for game control. Even with the help of this 2-control option, everyone can easily control this game. Also, you get a brake and accelerator in front of the screen to control the game. Undoubtedly, you move your device left and right according to traffic demand for left and right movement..

Visual and Sound Quality

There are fine visuals and the best-quality sound in this game. When you play the game on the highway, you’ll feel the original bike sound on the road. Therefore, the authentic bike sounds make the game more exciting and impactful. In short, you’ll feel the actual riding on the road, and motorbikes are accessible with original sound, wheels, and engines.

Amazing HD Graphics

Without amazing HD graphics, the gameplay is dull; however, developer provide this game with high-quality pictures. Our team have text this game personally and found the developer to give stunning and original illustrations like in Hollywood movies. No doubt, the developer has done great work to make impactful and interactive graphics in this game, and for that reason, it forces the users to play this game constantly.

Various Motorbikes

Initially, developers provided our users with just one bike. But now, in the modern version of the game, you can access 29 different bikes with a natural look and sound. All the bikes have various unique facilities to improve the game interface. Also, you can even use these bikes initially without any limitations.

The traffic rider bikes

What Is Traffic Rider Mod APK?

Undoubtedly, the developer provided a simple version of this game and locked its premium features like upgrades, bikes, modes, and various unique bikes. In the mod version, we deliver our users premium features like unlimited money, bike color, unlocked motorbikes, unlimited fuel, and roads.

Now it depends on you to choose a motorbike that helps you to do these tasks such as:

  • Riding the motorbike at high speed, like a rocket.
  • Increasing the speed to 100 KM.
  • Crossing the other cars and vehicles between the road barriers.
  • Collecting more coins to overtake vehicles.

Mod’s Features

  • Unlocked All Levels
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coin
  • All Bikes Unlocked
  • No Ads

Unlocked All Levels

Don’t forget, the traffic rider have many stages and levels in this game. You can free enjoy playing in the modified version because all the stories and backgrounds are unlocked, which allows you to play levels as fun as possible. Also, it’s most significant to users of the game mod to accommodate an entire class before unlocking the APK.

Unlimited Money

This version has outstanding features like unlimited money, which you can use to give new bike colors, and the engine and customize the bike. So, when you compete mission with other cars and vehicles, you can earn more money and upgrade your vehicle. Afterward, don’t forget this version gives unlimited money and features like stickers, gloves, and brakes.

Unlimited Coin

In this mod feature of the game, you can earn unlimited coins. You even earn the coin first to unlock things like motorbikes, vehicles, and other parts of the motorbikes. We provide in modded versions unlimited coins for our users. However, you must install the modded version of this APK, which you can customize any part of the motorbike to increase the bike speed.

All Bikes Unlock

In this mode, you choose the best model of vehicle from a wide range of bikes because in this mode, all the bikes are unlocked, and you want to start your journey. So now, you have the best opportunity to start your journey. Likewise, everything in this is impressive and compresses all the bike parts like the engine, colors, etc. You’ll choose a different bike, making riding a motorbike much more adventurous.

No Ads

There’s never disturbance with any advertisements added during the gameplay. Players will take it easy to play this game. Additionally, it also includes ads for free riding experiences for gamers. Don’t forget that the simple version hasn’t removed advertisements added between the fun. Also, if another feature comes in the mod version, we’ll provide it promptly.

What’s New 

  • Updated latest version
  • Add new bikes
  • Added a new map with 15 advanced missions
  • Added 10 new Stickers
  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • All roads are unlocked
  • No fix time
  • Many mods and features added
  • This version would be enjoyed in rainy seasons
  • Easy Control Driving

How to Download and Install it

If you don’t know how to download Traffic Rider Mod APK on your mobile phone, then follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, you must uninstall the previous version, because you can’t use the mod version before uninstalling the original version.
  • Secondly, visit our this website.
  • Thirdly, click the given download button and wait a few seconds.
  • Fourthly, when download the APK file, go to the mobile security setting.
  • Then, find the “Unknown Source” option.
  • Indeed, click and enable it.
  • Afterward, go to the file manager and click the download APK.
  • Markedly, give the “Allow” Option and wait a few seconds.
  • Finally, Open the game and enjoy the game.

How to Play

  • Doubtedly, open the game after installation and click the Start button.
  • You’ll see the bike on your screen, then click on the screen and proceed. 
  • Now, you’ll be reached on the home page. Therefore you can click on the setting option and adjust the bike setting. Then, click the Next button to start game.
  • Afterward, you’ll be shown different game modes on the screen and select any one way. Every method will offer brilliant locations and missions. Additionally, everything will be unlocked initially because it’s a modified version. Select the game mode and click the Next button.
  • While, you’ll see the different missions of the game. Indeed, click the Play button and start playing the game.
  • You’ll see yourself on the road with the handles of the bike. Shake your device to move left and right. Besides, the right side handles acceleration and the left side for the brake.
  • During gameplay, be careful of other vehicles that hit your bike.

Players Reviews

We have tested this mod version, and it’s working great. Indeed, all the premium features are fully unlocked. So, we don’t buy anything for unlocked premium features. If you’re interested in other racing games, you’ll download 32 Sec: Traffic Rider 2 Mod APK


  • You ride faster and will earn more money
  • If you cross other cars and vehicles closely, with a speed of 100 KMH, you can get more incentive and money. 
  • If you’ll drive in 2-way mode to get more score and money.
  •  Also, You can drive endlessly because no fuel is needed in the modified version.
  • Don’t play in rainy weather because you can lose bike control in rainy weather.
  • You’ll take your bike close to other cars and vehicles to get more money and coins.


You can close your internet connection and play offline when you’ve installed the game on your device.

In Traffic Rider Mod APK, 34+ motorbikes are available, and you can try all the bikes before winning any mission.

No, it may create some issues in the downloaded process of the new version of this game. So first, You’ll uninstall the old version, then go to Our website and download the modified version and play the mod version.

If you want more points, you play the game faster than the other vehicle, cross with the speed of 100KHM and get more points and money.


Traffic Rider Mod APK is the most popular racing game in the world, and you can download it on your smartphone and play it. Indeed, we give different modes, and incredible features, to make the game more exciting and impactful. We discussed in detail on Traffic Rider Mod APK at the start part of the article. You can contact with us through the help of comments below if you face any problems installing or downloading this game.

If you like a bike racing game, install the Traffic Rider Mod APK on your smartphone and play it at least 1 time. Therefore, you can ride 34 motorbikes with original sound and feel real-life riding on the road. Henceforth, don’t forget 1 Million Users installed this game worldwide in the play store because it’s a popular feature like bikes, graphics, roads, and stickers.

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