Introduction of 32 Secs: Traffic Rider for iOS

Do you want to know the best game, especially for iOS? Adoubatly, there’re many more games, especially for iOS, found worldwide, but one is 32 Secs: Traffic Rider for iOS is the best game, especially for iOS. Because this game consists of multiple features such as; 3D graphics, 70+missions, sports bikes, 1st-person view, and endless mode, these modes make the game very popular, engaging, and entertaining.

32 Secs: Traffic Rider for iOS Introduction

Currently, I would like to research the best racing game. Essentially, you are now in the right place. Our team must provide you with basic knowledge about the racing game. Also, the game has many more things with endless adventures. Suppose you aren’t feeling so well after completing your studies. Furthermore, you want to gain some relaxation, so play this game to say bye-bye to your boring always.


Nowadays, this game is known as a fantastic game. Indeed, almost 1 million + users have played this game already and received full enjoyment from them. Furthermore, install this game on your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. Indeed, that’s time to gain from the game.

Additionally, getting your dream bike and then riding it would be best. Let’s go, and you start the game playing. After this, you can also make yourself a target killer.

32 Secs: Traffic Rider for iOS game description

Primarily, keep in mind that logging this game is on time. Because this game also has beneficial features with sports motorbikes and enormous target missions. Which provides you with a lot of happiness and entertainment also. In short, you can even play this game to search out and examine the details.


Indeed, the essential part of the game is the “control system”. Undeniably, when you begin to play this game on your iPhone or iPad concurrently, at this same time, you’ll demonstrate 2 options on the front screen. Such as, on the right side, visualise the “brake” option, and on the left side, visualise the “acceleration or velocity” option.

32 Secs: Traffic Rider for iOS Game Control

Comparatively, you can handle the bike and complete the levels efficiently through these options. Afterward, when you pressure the bike’s acceleration or velocity, you can cross the other bikes and vehicles on the highway with great force. Furthermore, you can also gain a lot of bonuses and different targets.

Game’s Features

These are the main features of the game. These’re the base of the game. Fundamentally, these:

  • First-person view
  • Attractive 3D graphics, day and night option
  • 29 to 31 bikes with high efficiency
  • Voices like real-world bikes
  • It included almost 70+ missions
  • Leaderboard and 30+ achievements
  • Motorcycles  of 26 types
  • 18+ languages

What’s New

  • Performance updates
  • Various bug fixes
  • Manual gear option
  • End of the holiday season
  • Add a new map with 15 advanced missions.
32 Secs: Traffic Rider for iOS what's New

How to Download and Install it

  • Firstly, visit the “Apple Store“.
  • Then it is written in the search box “32 Secs: Traffic Rider for iOS”
  • Afterward, click on the game.
  • Then press on the installation option and wait a few intervals of time.
  • After completing the installation, open the game, and begin to play the game.


  • Surely, you ride the bike at the highest speed and receive many points.
  • Fundamentally, you gain many outstanding bonus points if you overcome the other competitors entirely.
  • Certainly, target killers can win a plethora of number points and money.
  • Afterward, don’t worry about the timer and fuel, play without any tension.


Yes, when you’ll download this game on your iPhone and iPad. Then, you can easily play and have more fun. However, this game isn’t dangerous for anyone. It’s fully safe for everybody.

Essentially, the developer introduces 70+missions with career mode. Furthermore, in the latest version, 15 advanced targets are included.


Do you want to make yourself a professional driver for real-life traffic? In the list of games, this game is top-rated. This game isn’t accessible only to smartphones. Furthermore, you can even play this game on iPhone, Mac Book, and iPad. Although, the method of playing this game is also discussed in detail above.

With the help of this game, it’s also possible. Therefore, you should try to compete with your enemies on the highway in this game. Afterward, you can make improvements in your driving skills. Afterwards, if you’ve any problems, you can discuss them in the comments below. Essentially, Our team will try our best to solve them on time. Thanks for reading.

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