About Traffic Racer for iOS

Traffic Racer for iOS is a fantastic game for iOS users. Also, you’ll play this version and make the best score. Therefore, this game uses 3D graphics. This game can be played on android and iOS as well. Also, it makes players more excited to play the game and experience driving on the highway. Indeed, most people like to play this game on their iPhones. The game can also be played on the iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Another mod APK/iOS allows you to drive without any hindrance.

Traffic Racer Cool Modes

Game Play

This game is the best game for speed lovers. The faster you drive, the quicker you can score. Just by increasing the speed of the car, you can get more and more scoreboard points. Indeed, you can achieve the first position in this game.

Firstly, you download the game on your iPhone. After downloading, open the game and choose your desired car. In the beginning, only one or two cars were open. However, you’ve to open all the other cars yourself.

Traffic Racer is a straightforward game for the player. Undoubtedly, this is an incredible game. It’s all the necessary control buttons on the screen, so the player doesn’t face any difficulties. You’ll meet many challenges in this game. Indeed, the best racer will be the one who will face all the challenges easily.

Game’s Features

  • Stunning 3D Graphics
  • Smooth and Realistic Car Handling
  • 40+ Different Cars to Choose from
  • 5 Detailed Environments
  • Over 15 Different Models for Traffic
  • Control of the Game
  • Game Centre Leaderboards and Achievements
  • iOS 7 Controller Support
  • Rich Language

Stunning 3D Graphics

It uses excellent 3D graphics, which are very useful for game players. Afterwards, 3D designs are outstanding. Also, you can use any color and design in it. However, add to the game’s beauty and attract the players’ attention

Traffic Racer 3D Graphics

Smooth and Realistic Car Handling

At the beginning of the game, players choose one of the 27 models. Undoubtedly, each car has its own set of essential characteristics and limitations. It’s also crucial for you to increase each level. After the game, you’ll get a reward for collecting points.

40+ Different Cars to Choose from

It’s more than 40+ sports cars. Each car is better than the other. Indeed, you can buy them with money. Certainly, this game will make it more attractive at a faster speed. Traffic Racer is one of the best games in which you can choose any sports car that you want according to your mood.

Traffic Racer 40+ Different Cars

5 Detailed Environments

It’s 5 different environments full of detailing. Therefore, you can choose any environment you want from them. However, you’ll be bored of repeatedly driving the car on the same route. Also, you can make the game more interesting by choosing the different weather and road as you wish.

Over 15 Different Models for Traffic

Traffic Racer is one of the best games in the world. In this game, players can choose different models. In it, you’ll get more than 15 traffic models. Also, you can customize any model with your demand color engine and speed. If you can reach your destination in time then you can play with high speed cars and beat all the competitors.

Traffic Racer 15 Different Models

Control of the Game

The control of this game is straightforward. Therefore you’ll find all the necessary buttons on the screen. With the help of these buttons, it becomes easy to play the game. Undoubtedly, it’ll add the best touch controls. Also, you can easily control your car in different directions using these touch tips.

Game Centre Leaderboards and Achievements

Indeed, getting 1st position on the leaderboard isn’t a piece of cake. Another, you’ve to face all the challenges with bravery and courage and achieve success in your goal. If you reach the leaderboard, you can get a lot of gold and rewards. Don’t forget high score achievement is very hard but not impossible.

iOS 7 Controller Support

IPhone provides 7 necessary controller support. However, you can quickly drive your car without any problems. You play more games, and you’ll also earn money and rewards. Afterwards, you can buy the car of your choice.

Rich Language

This game provides a rich language. Therefore, users need help understanding complex language. Users understand simple language quickly. But Traffic Racer has brought a dynamic language for the players, making it easy for them to understand the game.

Game Modes

It’s 6 different game modes. These modes make the game more exciting:

  • Career Mode
  • Endless
  • Two-way
  • Time trial
  • Police Chase
  • Free Ride

What’s New 

  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • The faster you go, the more scores you get
  •  When driving over 100 kmh, overtake cars closely to get bonus scores and cash
  •  Driving in the opposite direction in two-way mode gives extra score and cash
  • Also, a close overtaking between two cars gives 2500 of score


It’s a straightforward method. Firstly, download the game from the link in the article. When the game is installed, please open it and follow the instructions given in the game to start playing and enjoy.

No, Traffic Racer is a single-player game. You don’t need a friend in this, and you can play it alone. The most crucial mission in the game is to climb the leaderboard if you succeed in your mission. You get a lot of money and gold. Also, you can use it anywhere in the game. You alone can do this.

There are 5 different stages in this game. Therefore, each stage will be diverse and complex from the other. In each step, players will have to face different challenges. Another, You’ve to face all obstacles bravely to succeed in your goal/mission.


It’s all about a Traffic Racer Game for iOS is a game that never gets boring. Undoubtedly, you can play this game anytime. However, this game is exciting to play on the iPhone and iPad. It also develops your interest. This game is like playing, where you can become the best speed racer in the world. Afterwards, this is a free-fire game which isn’t harmed in any way. In it, you’ll get a lot of gameplay.

This game is straightforward and exciting. It’s an excellent game for the iOS version. Playing is effortless because the game is open on your iPhone screen. All the buttons are there on the screen, with the help of which you can speed up and slow down your car.

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