Introduction of 32 Secs: Traffic Rider 2 for iOS

Are you searching for a racing game on your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook? Then download 32 Secs: Traffic Rider 2 for iOS (City Trials) on your mobile phone. It’s many exciting features and also has a Sci-Fi highway. You’ll play this game and share it with your friends and others.

32 Secs: Traffic Rider 2 for iOS

In the beginning, you’ll face many difficulties on the Sci-Fi highway. You’ll win the different missions easily when you play it many times. Indeed, the developer consumes this game especially racing lovers. Therefore, download this game right now and enjoy yourself.

Story 32 Secs: Traffic Rider 2 for iOS

32 Secs: Traffic Rider 2 for iOS (City Trials) is quite different from other racing games. However, if you want to play the game without any limits, then download this game. Also, this game provides additional features to make it the most entertaining game. However, you’ll try all the features and modes. Afterwards, it would be best if you experienced yourself playing this game continuously.

32 Secs: Traffic Rider 2 Story Bike

Additionally, you can upgrade your bike in a difficult mission. During the gameplay, you’ll face many types of difficulties. If you crash your bike on the highway, never be disappointed because you’ll learn driving skills. Another, you can try this game replay. If you are new to this game, then you can trail ride.

Gameplay of 32 Secs: Traffic Rider 2

This game has 3D Sci-Fi graphics, which makes this game very popular with other games. Therefore, you can control the motorbike given left and right options. Indeed, you’ll hold the game by sliding your fingers left or right. The control is effortless. When you start the game, try to alert the other vehicles circulating on the road. Also, collecting the energy ball on the highway allows you to customise your motorbike.

32 Secs: Traffic Rider 2 for iOS Gameplay

In this game, you can’t only upgrade your bike, but you can also buy other unique bikes. Therefore, you need a large number of energy balls to unlock the special bikes. This game is exciting, with endless driving with a massive soundtrack. Its graphics attract the player very profoundly, and players try to play this game rapidly. If you are playing other bike racing games, then you can download Traffic Rider Mod APK.

Key Features

  • A Huge Futuristic City Hub to Explore
  • Superb Pace and Gameplay
  • Unique Sci-Fi Vehicles
  • Intuitive Upgrade System
  • Hack Enemy Vehicles on the Road
  • Full Retina Display Support
  • Leaderboard and Achievements

What’s New Update

  • Bugs Fixed
  • Performance updates
  • Couple of added Easter eggs

How to Download and Install it

This part teaches how to download and install the application on iOS devices.

  • Firstly, you should go to the Apple Store.
  • Then, type in search bar 32 Secs: Traffic Rider 2.
  • Indeed, Click the download button and install the game.
  • Then, wait a few seconds while the download proceeds.
  • Afterwards, you can enjoy the game.

Pro Tips

  • Keep going through the booster turbo zones to beat the speed limit and shake those pesky police cars.
  • Hit the opposition, but be mindful of your bike health.
  • Burn your nitro often and mix it with turbo zones to tear up the asphalt!
  • Upgrade your abilities and take your limits to the max.
  • Don’t forget to use the brake in unexpected conditions.


Yes, it’s safe for iOS users. Undoubtedly, every person can download this game on iPhone, iPad and MacBook.

There’re a lot of missions in this game. You can enjoy the different Sci-Fi missions in this game. Therefore, you’ll exist to play more and more missions.


Afterwards, this game is mainly played on iPhones, iPad, and Macbooks worldwide. It’s excellent Sci-Fi graphics and unique motorbikes. Its graphics make this game very attractive and impactful. If you are bored of playing other games, you can download 32 Secs: Traffic Rider 2 APK.

We are discussing all this game in the above part. We also recommend playing this game and enjoying its unique features and modes. Additionally, 1 million + users all over the world. People make this game in high demand and unique.

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