Introduction Traffic Racer Russian Village Mod APK

The developers have introduced a new mod on the racing game genre. Experience the actual traffic on roads. It’s incredibly fast gameplay and a great game that racing fans will not be able to appreciate. The game represents the regions and towns found in Russia, improving the players’ driving skills.

Introduction cars Traffic Racer Russian Village Mod APK

The game will introduce more than 40 car models. The VAZ-207 vehicle is only available to players at the beginning of the game. Which players used to complete my first challenge. Collect coins and money to buy more vehicles. You’ll get many challenges and missions to complete and get many rewards.

Traffic Racer Russian Village Mod APK car

Game Feature

  • Different collections of cars models
  • Detailed location
  • Stunning Racing Record

Different collections of cars models

When you collect coins in the game, you can change and upgrade your car qualification. In the game, you’ve a collection of many cars. From this, you can choose any car and start your game. Among them are new racing cars that we grade on the track. It reduces the difficulty while competing. There are different types of vehicles, but for the best racing, you choose a specific car and use different modes to make your game more interesting.

Different collections of cars models

Detailed location

During the game, you’ve to drive on different roads. Meanwhile, you’ve to take care of the vehicles around you so that your vehicles don’t collide with other vehicles. For this, you have to stay within the limits set by you.

Detailed location Traffic Racer Russian Village Mod APK

Driving within the location you put in is more beneficial because it allows you to race within your limits, which also protects your car from damage. Enjoy opening the game inside, and thus you can also have the ability to switch different modes. View detailed locations, camera view, day and night, and weather conditions.

Stunning Racing Record

The game player can create many excellent records using his game-playing skills. These records can be made only by the player who has mastered a lot in racing. Initially, the fans who participate in the game must pass the test on VAZ-2107. Then with time, the player becomes a good player by playing the game and then able to collect more and more money. He can spend this money on buying new cars and making better records.

Stunning Racing Record

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money & Rewards
  • Two modes simulation / Arcade
  • ECO mod
  • Time trial mod
  • Endless mod
  • Performance mod
  • Shooting mod
  • Without ads
  • Unlocks all cars

New Update

  • Added new transport
  • Bugs fixes
  • Improve physic and car damage
  • 2 new sports cars

How to install Traffic Racer Russian Village Mod APK

  • Firstly, you go to your Google Play Store, uninstall the original version of this game.
  • Then, go to our website and search for the game on the search bar.
  • You will get many options for the game.
  • From this, you click on the link of your favourite game i.e. Traffic Racer Russian Village.
  • Click on the download button, and the game will start downloading.
  • You can open the game immediately and play it when it is downloaded.
  • In another way you can also download it through your browser.

How to play Traffic Racer Russian Village Mod APK

  • You open the game on your mobile then you start playing the game.
  • Before starting the game, you first select any car of your choice, and you can change it to any design and colour you want.
  • This game is played exactly like other games.
  • To play the game, we should choose a path where we can quickly drive our car at speed. Another is all the vehicles coming on the road.
  • This game is also more interesting than others because we can enjoy playing it on the village roads.
  • There are also options to control the game and increase or decrease the speed of your car.
  • Which are in the form of buttons on the mobile screen that you can click to get help in your game.
  • You can also unlock your car, collect lots of coins by playing and winning on the road, and enjoy.

Pro Tips

  • First, pass the test with excellent results on the VAZ-2107 vehicle and keep your name on the list of champions.
  • Upgrade the speed of your vehicles in time
  • Reach the finish line by overwhelmingly defeating your teammates and earning rewards
  • Do everything you can to protect your car from serious damage during the race
  • Compete in time trials that are constantly updated


You can use coins to change and upgrade your cars when you collect coins during the game. At different levels, you can choose other vehicles to improve your racing car. You can also replace parts as needed without funding.

Install the older version of the application to update it. It will update only if you have downloaded it from an earlier version. Otherwise, you will get a message that it isn’t installed.

Total users can chat during the game. Millions of users download this game chat and enjoy chatting during the game.


Our team goal is to control the players and reach the fashion line. Therefore, you must have all the knowledge of the game’s control system. All the information has been discussed above. We hope after reading this, you’ll get all the information about the game.

If still, you face any problems, then you can comment. We’ll try our best to solve your problem. We hope you’ll like this game and feel happy after playing it. Thanks a lot.

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